A message arrived this morning from Master Kusum Modak to all her students, teachers and therapists of her work:

“As you know in our community many people, many students live their lives with this work, right?!

So I think, a positive thought came in my mind and I think it’s a good thing that we all should just stay for 2-3 minutes with open hands and spread the positive energy to this universe because, I think this will definitely help.

And please don’t worry, after some time when all God’s cleansing process will be over, because he is overworking 7-24 hours, it will be a clean universe and after that many people need your hands.

God has given you divine hands, so please take very good care of yourself and I am sure that everything will be more open, more doors will be open for everybody.

The only thing you have to do is spread positive energy to as many people as you can, to your students, clients, friends… everybody.”