So as to unify professionals across the world and promote cohesion within her method, Master Kusum Modak announced November of 2019, the creation of the Modak Institute, legally founded in March of 2020 in Ohio in the United States of America. We are the first and only legal entity authorized by Kusum Modak herself.  Our history, however, is older. It started in the 1980’s, when the founder of the Kusum Modak Method started to develop her unique, powerful, and transformative work. A therapeutic technique that unifies with simplicity and sophistication, two millenarian Indian practices: Yoga and Ayurveda. Our objective is to prepare qualified professionals in the field of complimentary and integrative health, as we are committed to the international movement seeking wellness and a better quality of life.

Motivated by our passion for this mission, our first significant step was officially registering the name of the technique, recognized now was the Kusum Modak Method – Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage℠. We aim to expand the legacy of the method, preserving its integrity with precision. We believe in discipline, respect, and inclusion.

The wish of Master Kusum Modak is to transform the Modak Institute into an international example: an example of union, collaboration, and commitment. Together, we are building a welcoming community for people passionate about this therapeutic method. We are the hand that nourishes.

Kusum Modak

On the 28th of April 1938 in Pune, India, Kusum Modak was born. Independent, authentic, and brave, Kusum faced the challenges ingrained in Indian culture in the 1980’s when she decided to travel the world to share her discoveries about health and the processes of self-knowledge.

It was the serious respiratory and spinal problems during her youth that moved her onto the path seeking a cure. In her forties and determined, Kusum encountered the millenarian sciences of Yoga and traditional Indian massage – the first indications of the processes of transformation of our body.

Much like her work, profound and welcoming, master Kusum Modak is known for her objectivity and firmness and at the same time her gentility and loving nature.

From a Brahman lineage, which engenders benevolence, meditation, and faith, Kusum inherited from her father – the Doctor Narayan Krishna Modak – and her mother – Susheela Modak – the strength and character responsible for moulding her gift and trajectory.


We are seeking to preserve the Kusum Modak Method and expand its benefits to the largest amount of people possible, guaranteeing that the legacy of the Indian Master Kusum Modak be protected in its entirety, as envisioned by Kusum Modak.


We seek a unification of the method, increased collaboration of professionals, and recognition by educational and health institutions.


Reverence: with happiness and devotion, we honour the teachings and trust we receive from the Master Kusum Modak. Union: we seek strength and cohesion, which are fundamental for the making of a communal and consistent approach towards the method, its instruction, and certification. Care: we seek to welcome, support, and provide assistance to students, therapists and teachers of the Kusum Modak Method℠ around the world.

Our Team