About us

To bring together professionals from all over the world and promote cohesion in their approach, Master Kusum Modak announced the establishment of the Modak Institute in November 2019, which was legally founded in March 2020 in Ohio, United States. We are the first and only entity authorized by the Indian master. However, our story dates back further, beginning in the 1980s, when the creator of the Kusum Modak Method℠ started developing her unique, powerful, and transformative work, a therapeutic technique that seamlessly and elegantly combines two ancient Indian sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda. Our goal is to prepare qualified professionals in the field of integrative and complementary health practices, as we are committed to the global movement towards well-being and quality of life.

Driven by this mission and passion, our first major step was the registration of the official name of the technique, now recognized as Kusum Modak Method – Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy℠. We aim to expand the legacy of the method, preserving its integrity with precision. We believe in discipline, respect, and inclusion.

Master Kusum Modak’s wish is to transform the Modak Institute into a global exemplar: a model of unity, collaboration, and commitment. Together, we are building a welcoming community for individuals passionate about this therapeutic method.

We are the caring hand, and we wish to multiply.

Kusum Modak

On April 28, 1938, in Pune, India, Kusum Modak was born. Independent, authentic, and courageous, Kusum faced the challenges of Indian culture when she decided to travel the world, still in the 1980s, to share her discoveries about health and self-awareness processes.

It was the serious respiratory and spinal issues during her youth that led the Indian master on the path in search of healing. Determined, at 40 years old, she found in the ancient sciences of Yoga and traditional Indian massage the first hints about the processes of transformation of our body.

Just like her work, deep and welcoming, Master Kusum Modak is known for her objective and firm personality, while at the same time, gentle and loving.

Coming from a Brahmin lineage, dedicated to benevolence, meditation, and faith, Kusum inherited from her father, the doctor Narayan Krishna Modak, and her mother, Susheela Modak, the strength and character responsible for shaping her gift and trajectory.


We want to preserve the Kusum Modak Method℠ and expand its benefits to as many people as possible, ensuring that the legacy of the Indian master Kusum Modak is protected in its purity and integrity.


We believe in the unification of the method, in the collaboration of professionals, and in the recognition from educational and health institutions.


Reverence: With joy and devotion, we honor the teachings and trust we have received from the Indian master Kusum Modak. Union: We seek strengthening and cohesion, which are fundamental for achieving a common and consistent path regarding the method, its teaching, and certification. Care: We wish to welcome, support, and assist students, therapists, and teachers of the Kusum Modak Method℠ around the world.

Our Team